September 22, 2002

Mad Skillz

I volunteered my Web skills to a person who is running for state representative in Utah. Surprisingly enough he took me up on my offer. The site went live today. I didn't expect that at all. I thought there would be some back and forth on the site design etc. Other than a broken link (ugh) I was told that it looked great. I'm still graphically challenged so it's not flashy, but then again, it is Utah, so maybe that's a good thing. [Go check it out link gif>>>]

Search Function

Never heard back from Yahoo! Geocities about the search function not working. Not happy about that at all. I received a follow-up survey two weeks after I sent an email to tech support. I made sure to note that my request had never been followed up on. Never heard back about that. I can see they're on the ball over there. I've been flirting with the idea of switching to another server and this situation definitely goes on the "Reasons to leave Geocities" column.

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