August 25, 2002

Search Function

The search function is currently not working. Why? you ask. Good question. I have absolutely no idea. It was working a week or two ago. This probably affects me more than any person who may visit the site as I often forget where I put something, but I felt the need to share. I've sent an email to the web hosting people, let's see how long it takes anyone to respond.

Site design

Ah. I'm falling deeper and deeper into the tables trap. The current design uses more tables than ever before. I can understand why people prefer it over CSS. Perhaps if I ever get around to reading the CSS book (Cascading Style Sheets: The Definite Guide, Eric E. Meyer) I bought a few months ago I'll attempt a table-free layout again.


Haven't updated much of the content, although the Musings section does get updated daily.

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