June 30, 2002


Added several new titles to the list of books. More to come this week.

Site design

Gave the place a new look. I liked the old design, but it relied almost entirely on tables for the layout. I was using the Blogger template I'd chosen for my blog (web log) to have a consistent feel to the site, but the table format has been bothering me. I really wanted to have a site that relied more on css (cascading style sheets). The css approach appeals more to me though I can't say why. Unfortunately, my first css attempts weren't all that successful which is why I opted to go with the table format.

Now, with a great deal of help from www.BlueRobot.com and www.thenoodleincident.com this current version uses mostly css. I say mostly because in some cases I've resorted to using a couple of tables. Just a temporary fix until I have the time to layout the content correctly. Impatient person that I am, once I modified the stylesheet to suit my needs and transferred the content I just wanted everything to go up. I still have to redo my blog template. I didn't have a chance to code that so it still has the old site design.

I'm still not satisfied with the way things are progressing. I'm a bit unsettled by the fact that I'm using someone else's stylesheet though it's all sanctioned.

"Please feel free to borrow, steal, abduct, and/or torture the documents contained in the Layout Reservoir." --www.BlueRobot.com

Blah. I just hate not being able to do things myself. But I'll be nice to myself. I think I've learned a lot since I first took an interest in HTML/web design. I shudder to think what my first version looked like. Just goes to show what a little stubbornness and a lot of curiosity can get you.

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