Obfuscation: The Blog Game

UPDATE III 8.25.03

It's Monday, truth telling time.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the game. I'm completely blown away by the quality of the lies stories that people posted. Makes me regret that I banged out my little 'ol tales in a hurry, but no matter. It was a great deal of fun reading everyone's entries.

As you may have seen from the 2nd update, people have been wondering whether this will turn into a weekly game. Quite frankly I don't really think I could come up with 3 new entries every week. (Plus, I already have a weekly thing happening and maintaining it is actually a little more work than I ever would have thought.)

I think, if people are up for it, that next year I'll build in some sort of rating system so people can vote on the best stories. Perhaps involve a little prize?

Input is, as usual, welcome. I'll be closing the comments to this entry in a few days, but feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions.

In the meantime, make the rounds and see how successful you were in guessing people's lies.

I hope everyone had fun.

See you next year. Maybe! Maybe not. (oops. I guess I'm still playing the game!)

Oh, it's so on.

Obfuscation: The Blog Game
Alternate Title: Pick the Falsies

Below is a list of the people who are participating in next Friday's silliness. After going back and forth several times (you'd think we were working towards world peace!), Bobby, Dan and I have ironed things out.

Here's the deal:

On Friday, August 22nd you'll post 3 stories.

  1. Two false and one true.

  2. Two true and one false.

Readers have to pick the false story(ies), leaving their guess in the comments. (Make sure you let them know which version of the game you're playing.)

On Monday you'll post the correct response.

The stories can be as crazy as you want them to be. But you want to make them all believable enough that the reader has to give the game a little thought.

So you have a week to decide whether you want to play, make up your stories or tell a friend about the game. You can use the button to link back to this entry for the guidelines and list of players. (Please download and copy to your own server. If you try linking directly to it, you'll just get a broken link.)

The Payoff:

People keep talking about 'winning' the game. Hadn't really given this much thought, but I guess there are two ways you can win this thing.

You can be the person who guesses correctly on the most number of blogs or you can win by fooling the most number of people with your stories. This probably still needs to be ironed out, but I don't think I'll spend too much time on it. It's not really about that. Those of you that know me are probably shocked to read that last sentence. But hey, sometimes I know how to play just for playing's sake!


Hey, you! Yeah, you without a blog. Don't let not having a blog stop you from playing! On Friday, just corner people, tell them your stories real quick like and then make them guess! Come on. Be a sport. If you get into trouble, just tell them I told you it was okay to do it. I'm telling you, it's like a Get Out of Jail Free card. Works like a charm.

UPDATE II (8.22.03)

A few people have wondered if this is a weekly game. So far, that's not the intention. Maybe if there's enough interest, but right now, the plan is for this to be a one time deal. What do you think? How hard would it be to come up with different stories every week? Is there a way to modify it so that it's easier to accomplish on a weekly basis?

The Liars Players::

  1. Bobby: Skullbolt
  2. Dan: The Chucklehut
  3. pea: As deep as a puddle after a hard rain linking to my own blog. gotta love it.
  4. Anna: Run AJ, Run
  5. Sammy: Digital Flotsam
  6. River Selkie: Dreams of a River Selkie
  7. Bryan: Bryan Adams Blog
  8. Anne: Crushed Red Pepper
  9. Scott-san: Kamikaze Lunch Break
  10. CW: Wit and Wisdom
  11. Jules: Lily White Intentions
  12. Romy: Incidents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations
  13. Jefe: The Beakdip
  14. Doghaus: Words Fail Me
  15. Ivette01: My Online World
  16. Chris: One Cup ...
  17. Amy: Get to the Choppa!
  18. Kyle: Nobody Said It Was Easy
  19. Daintily Dirty: Come Along With Me
  20. Ruthie: Simply Girly
  21. Melanie: The Onion.net
  22. Juice: Not Just for Breakfast
  23. Daines'n Around
  24. Melanie: Veracity or Mendacity?
  25. Srah: Srah Blah Blah
  26. Granni: Grumbleeze
  27. Otto: Ottos New Pad
  28. Jen: A Blog By Any Other Name
  29. Mac: If I could See You, I would Kick You
  30. Somewhat Muchly
  31. Caitlin: Written on the Body
  32. Heather: Sentinel Heather's Journal
  33. Sara: Life with Jacob
  34. Anonymous B. Nowhere: Sometimes I Scare Myself
  35. So Lost: Lost in Wisconsin
  36. Gish: Carved Angel
  37. Dae: Dae's Demesne
  38. Allessandria: Lili's Page!
  39. Kate: Fauxhemia
  40. Krissa: Le Petit Hiboux
  41. Lisa: ethernautrix
  42. jvilmur
  43. Windy

Let me know if you're playing so I can add you to the list.

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