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Was reading your blog and thought you might find this funny.

Child advocacy is incredibly important and i’m humbled by your commitment.

Thank you.


the email didn’t work

phil 03.28.08 04:28 PM


I heart word association games!



Kim 01.27.08 01:02 PM


I heart word associations!

Looking forward to playing more in 2008.


Kim 01.27.08 01:01 PM


Hello there! It’s my first time to join this meme. i find this interesting and amusing, too. smile

MeL 10.30.07 01:33 AM


hi patricia, really I was attracted by the logo about the little girl in red drobe…and by the cool questions raise…thanks for accepting me here….

Jhoaniquing 10.08.07 08:29 AM


I have been viewing your site for the last several weeks and learned something interesting about myself. I am not a word association person. My associations are visual. Reading the words I get instant mental pictures but have to struggle for a word. I had no idea my mental process was like that.  Makes me wonder how many other visual people hang out here.
Love your site. Keep up the good lists.

Maggie 06.25.07 01:12 PM


Don’t you think that wish lists are a waste,  no one ever buys the stuff anyway. Nice site.

[added by site owner]
You’re probably right in most cases. However, in my case, I make my wishlist public because people sometimes ask for it. I really only use it as a reminder to myself of books/things I want to buy, but because I host people (for free) and/or offer free tech/web support, people are kind enough to sometimes compensate me with a book. It’s easier, then, to just have the link on the site where it’s available so that people don’t have to keep asking me for it. Plus, this way, the gifts are sometimes a surprise which is really nice. Mail that isn’t junk or a bill! Awesome.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

darla 06.13.07 12:44 PM


Cool site! I came upon it while browsing other blogs and I linked to it through my blog with one of your free association posts—I love it.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Catherine 06.10.07 10:16 AM


tongue wink Wow loads of smileys to choose!

I was just passing by and thought I’d drop you a note. I know it’s always nice to receive new guestbook comments.

I liked your site and the idea of unconscious mutterings! By the way I’m guessing by your domain name (moongirl) that….puede hablar en espanol??



Matt 11.16.06 05:18 PM


Till now I did not manage to have my own site, yours are a good example.

Ferdinand Maisriemler 08.13.06 09:23 AM


~Just stopping by to see whats new!!~

Rachel 06.15.06 12:03 PM


Your site really got me interested . Thanks for the inspiration! :wavey:

Mauro Cescolini 03.10.06 05:14 PM


I found the site through a google search. I love it. We have the same taste in books. I read Memoria de mis putas tristes when it first came out. I liked it but was a little disappointed by the ending.

rosa 12.18.05 03:03 AM


Love the site. I just found it via someone’s blog today and I have already signed up for the Unconcious Mutterings game. That was a great idea.

Melony 10.23.05 11:27 AM


[added by site owner: referring to Unconscious Mutterings]

it’s a thing you have to be doing. and sometimes, the things that come out of it.. quite enlightening!

thank you for being my portal to enlightment wink

methinks 09.14.05 08:37 AM


I love the name of the site and its association with the color purple, the logo and the reference to “fragile”. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is. I jumped at the “about” page to find out if it was your name or nickname perhaps. I will now explore the site and keep coming. Great discovery, thanks!

Kuia 08.18.05 08:32 PM


Hi…I found your site via a link-up search of classical literature…I suppose it was your quite awe inspiring ‘reader’s list.’  Your site is fantastic and exhilirating. I have not had the time to digest it all…but I PROMISE I will. Thanks for your creativity! Your love of children! And your willingness to photograph FLOWERS!

Jeffrey Naylor 08.11.05 03:02 AM



i founnd this site through a friend’s blog.  i think it is really interesting and i am really anxious to try the free association.  when i have more time i really want to participate in that.  i think i could really use it, but does it help if the issues to have to work out are with a person and that person is not there.  also, i found the quote on the page interesting.  love like your heart isn’t fragile…i agree to a certain extent, however, i have done that…twice…and i have gotten hurt.  i have to tell you, i am NOT looking forward to trying it again.

Liz 02.24.05 06:16 PM


I really like this site!  Great pictures and layout.  Keep up the good work!

Amy 02.13.05 11:38 PM


and the power returns just in time for mutterings!  I wonder what effect this will have on the replies….hmm….

icefacade 01.30.05 10:58 PM


comfy place you got here.

chad 10.22.04 04:59 AM


wow, i love this site. i didn’t know such a thing existed! i found your site through someone’s online journal, and immediately put it in my favorites. keep up the good work, i really enjoy this. thanks!

sam 09.27.04 04:29 PM


Hi, I want to participate in the unorganized muttering. Your link is here:—thanks

Supa Gurl 02.16.04 07:56 PM


Nice Site here!

Gima 02.12.04 05:28 PM


Man, you even took away the comments this time.  I’m starting to worry here.

Will be here waiting when you come back!

jennn 01.30.04 12:35 AM


I love this site!  I forget how i found it…i thik through a friend’s page…but this site is real interesting.  I just started doing the free associations and looking through the links.  Real nice.  keep it up!  smile

megan 01.26.04 12:00 PM


Love the site. I enjoyed the poetry and am slowly but surely making my way through the amazing links!

cathleen 01.13.04 05:19 PM


Found this through a link from a friend.  Fun and interesting.  Thanks.

Jackie 01.12.04 03:49 PM


Patricia - just wanted to know that I enjoy your site very VERY much, even though it tells me every time I come to visit that the browser I have at work is way out of date.

Katrin 01.07.04 05:34 AM

I Love your site.
You are very talented my
dear lady…



Karen aka Doglady howling~ ~ ~

Karen 01.06.04 12:46 PM


hi my name is patricia too
isnt that cool

well the thing is im thinking about becoming a writer, but i am discouraged by people i know that say that i can write as a hobby… do you have any advise for me?

y tambien se hablar spanish soy del peru

please write me back to my email

patricia 01.05.04 05:27 PM


I don’t remember how i found your website (i must have been looking up something else) but i’ve been coming for awhile and reading your entries.  Its always entertaining and i enjoy reading your thoughts.

Jennifer 01.01.04 04:48 PM


I love your site!
Great information and links and fun to read!

michelle 10.28.03 01:49 PM


I could have answered “yes” at 75% of the questions. I am glad I have “met” you on the Blogosphere. Take care.

Riri 10.08.03 04:01 PM


i’ve got a question, but it’s about your layout. is there any chance you could email me the code for the right menu?  (the way it’s seperated into boxes) i’ve been looking for that and i can’t seem to find it anywhere. i’ve tried everything. [laughs] i’m lame. anyways. if you can help me that would be great and if not well thanks for your time.

Aurora 09.17.03 12:33 AM


Fun!  I love free association…and I also love no rules…Groovy.  You so rock.


Jessica 09.10.03 09:38 AM


This is great.  Unfortunatly I cant do it because I always look to the next word and it jumbles together:P

Crystal 08.10.03 01:30 AM


open the floodgates and let these angels float away.

the alien-joseph 08.09.03 06:30 PM


Thanks a lot for “mutterings”, cool idea

Kate 08.09.03 02:52 PM


I’m very impressed by the functionality of your site and feel inspired to move Earth-Info.Net over to MT and learn more about html, CSS, php, et al… Thank you for your numerous handy hints and tips.  Keep up the good work!  Matt

Matt Prescott 08.08.03 11:44 AM


I loved your poems - and I am now determined to make my site a personal obsession, too!

Katrin 06.12.03 01:50 AM


Hello. I’ve been here a few times and have enjoyed reading your musings Take care and keep up the good work.

P.S. This is one cool guestbook!

Nikki-ann 04.15.03 06:42 PM


looks good!  there us a ton of information availible here and i love that.  espcially all your stuff on children’s welfare.

jane 04.10.03 11:53 AM

44 just can’t stay away…

~Mel 04.02.03 02:45 PM


just surfing and checking things out, saw your comment about your little heart obsession.  far as i can remember i have been fascinated with hearts since i was very little(and i’m a gramma now), and colors, too.  so.. colored hearts just make my heart sing ../../images/silly.gif ../../images/heart.gif
good luck with your site ../../images/smile.gif

03.24.03 08:45 PM


I was doing a search on superhero costumes and your web site came up.  I liked all the “blurbs” I read from November of last year.  Don’t have time to read more now but I put your site on my favorites list. ../../images/smile.gif

Molly Jorgensen 03.24.03 04:24 PM


../../images/smileys/sweetheart.gif Hello! I found your site through Jen’s blog, and I really like it! I’ve been exploring for awhile and I’ve linked this site and Unconscious Mutterings seperately. Love the content, layout and Movable type! Take care.

~Mel 03.24.03 03:36 PM


Liked your guestbook and the whole site. It looks just like mine smile. Check it and leave your opinion of it, plz:

Derrih 03.18.03 04:07 PM


Whee hee happy fun times!

june 03.10.03 05:49 PM


This really doesn’t have a place in the comments of any entry, so I’ll put it here: I think that you should register the domain, so that I don’t keep pulling up a nonexistent page all the time.

sammy 02.21.03 05:32 PM


hello. signing guestbook. not that that wasnt obvious. i like what you say. i think you are cool. your site is cool. my toes are cold. are your toes cold???

../../images/silly.gif there, i have achieved my purpose in writing something so boring it makes you want to puke at the simplicity.  haha, oh, and dahling, keep up the ‘musings.’

anne 02.18.03 11:45 AM


great site

Dan 02.18.03 01:05 AM


i came to your site via, which i always try and visit. you write very well…so, i’ll visit yours from time to time as well. i am also a bad catholic…i’ve been more tempted to try buddhism than ever…i have this recurring thought that says, “Gandiji, where are you, now? We really need you.” we live in a world full of fundamentalists: moslem fundamentalists, hindu fundamentalists, jewish fundamentalists, and christian fundamentalists…and if left to their own devices, they will plunge our world into an abyss of blood for the sake of their own religious ideologies. always keep reading and writing peace stan

stan 12.31.02 01:55 AM


Thanks for hitting up my site and blogrolling me. I will do the same and check up on you once in a while! I actually have gone through the bulk of your site just now, and find your site quite interesting because you are extremely passionate about child advocacy. I have a few of those passions myself and it’s interesting to see how you’ve integrated it into your site in particular. I’m reading… I think your site is very interesting, and I’ll be back for more!

Glenda 12.31.02 01:54 AM